Brad Callen Review Trust Review & Bonus – It is Work or Not?


Welcome to our Review Trust Review Blog, Brad Callen will be releasing a new software that is very unique in my opinion that can increase the conversion of your business. This product called ReviewTrust and will be released on Sept, 29. The best part of this software is, it work automatic with just setting up a few detail on the beginning.

Here is the product information

Review Trust From Brad Callen

Name : Review Trust
Creator : Brad Callen
Price : $47/Month 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Demo Video : Click Here
Bonus Offer : $3,000 Valued , Click Here

Review Trust is  The world’s first and only fully featured system built to automate the tedious process of collecting, gather- ing, and displaying fresh customer testimonials directly on your website, Allowing you to achieve higher conversion rates and more sales, all the while saving you the time and hassle of doing it all manually, which if you’re like most, would never happen.

It will display a unique testimonial widget on your site and display it georgeosly without needed you to work on it. All fully automated from  collecting to displaying the testimonial or reviews. After I watch the video demo, It clearly show that the software is fully functional and work as promised.

Based on the beta testing, it can increase your sales conversion for up to 40% by leveraging trust on your website. This testimonial aspect is one of underestimated thing in our business but once it tweaked, it can give us a greated impact on sales conversion.

How Review Trust Work?

Brad Callen ReviewTrust makes it a breeze to display fresh testimonials on your website and leverage the awesome selling power of social proof in your business. To get started, simply connect your shopping cart to your ReviewTrust account, or import a list of customers you’d like to follow-up with. From there, ReviewTrust automates everything.

After a customer purchases from you, ReviewTrust automatically follows-up with them either using their predefined follow-up email sequence OR a customized sequence you create yourself. Email #1 is sent roughly 2 weeks after they purchase, with the sole purpose of getting your customer to click on a link to be taken to a custom web page where they can rate your product from 1 to 5 stars, as well as leave a testimonial.

ReviewTrust step them through the entire process so not only is it every easy for them… but it also results in much higher-quality testimonials. If they ignore the first email, they get another email 1 week later. And if they ignore the second email, they’ll receive a final email a week after that.

Benefit Of Review Trust

  • Ask for testimonials on auto-pilot
  • Collect standardized & incentivized testimonials
  • Display testimonials via widgets & testimonial blocks
  • 100% customizable to match your website
  • Leverage social proof to boost conversions and sales
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Review Trust Review Conclusion

If you are into selling product online, ReviewTrust will definitely your best investment in life. It will increase your sales greatly without needed to much work. You can work lesser while make a lot of profit by tweaking your site with Brad Callen Review Trust.

Now the choice is yours , If you want one step away in front of your competitor, You can join Review Trust. I really recommend this program because it work as promised and has a right price point. You can try it for 30 days, if you didn’t like , just ask for a refund. If you are serious about putting a full time Online Business, ReviewTrust is one of the best solution right now. I’m very recommend This Program!

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