Mark Ling AffiloTheme Review

Welcome to my AffiloTheme review post, this is new product from Mark Ling and designed to be an Ultimate WordPress theme for affiliate marketers (from newbies, all the way up to super-affiliates). It features everything you need for creating amazing affiliate websites that rank well in the search engines, have low bounce rates (because they are very attractive and quick-loading) easily incorporate squeeze pages and opt-in forms, cloak and redirect affiliate links, and more.

Mark Ling AffiloTheme offers five flexible themes in one. This means your customers get huge flexibility and scope for creating amazing websites. Most wordpress themes are one theme that can be customized in a few different ways, we are offering 5 in 1, meaning that each of them are customizable with different layouts, colors, styles, and so forth, and yet are very different looking from each other.

AffiloTheme also offers the following benefits for users:

  • Super-easy creation of squeeze pages and opt in forms that CONVERT
  • Time saving shortcodes
  • Elegant affiliate link redirects
  • Multiple color schemes and layout options to suit any tastes
  • Incredible customer support
  • SEO friendly layouts
  • And more

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