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Name : Marketing Roadmap by Pam Hendrickson &  Jeanne Hurlbert PhD
Price : $ 1997
Launch Date : August 18, 2014


Hi Folks, Today I want to talk about marketing roadmap review that will be launch in the next few days.

Marketing Roadmap helps you as customers to get out of overwhelm and sort through what’s important for creating results—and what’s not. The training—which consists of both online training and a physical product—is a simple 4-step marketing system for your business. It shows you how to drill down and define 1) their target market and 2) the 5 core problems of that market. Then, Theywill show them how to use that information to create a very simple content plan, product plan and marketing strategy that gets results.

The best part of this training is, They are doing six live coaching sessions throughout the course to help you implement these strategies directly in their businesses. Marketing Roadmap is an online training course that also comes with a physical version for an investment of $1,997. It is very expensive but from it composition, I can tell you this definitely a good program to follow.

Because I know this product is Work and Prove to deliver the Bold promised, I have prepared Marketing Roadmap bonus that inlclude $ 300 Cash Rebate!! just for you. If you want to take massive success on this training and build successful internet business, the this bonus is your answer! You Will Get Access to several Content and material that compliment to your business you want to build.

Be sure to check this out!


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“I will make this bonus more fun by adding this cool Hard Cash Giveaway!”

So here goes, If you buy from our affiliate link, we will give you $ 300 cash! Here is the rules, the cash will be given in the end of refund period to avoid fraudulent buyer. With this offer offer we are expecting to help our customer on expenses so you can save some money for other project. its WIN WIN SOLUTION for both us.[/features_box_blue]

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‘I Guarantee that by Following the Fundamentals in OutsourceMethod, Within 4 Weeks You’ll Have HALVED Your Working Hours And DOUBLED Your Output… !

This packages come to the top first because on every business models, outsource is very important to make leverage your business and increase your profit. Why we make this bonus come on the top first, this is No FLuff Outosurce System and very recommended to implement it. Just in case you want to outsource your mage monster task with outsource, this bonus will help you a lot.

Take A look inside..

Outsource Method Is A System To Exponentially Increase your Business, Productivity and Buy Back As Much, Or As Little Time As You Choose. If you can spare just 5 minutes, I want to tell you exactly how we went from flat broke, making NOTHING online, to 3 companies, 2 offices on 2 continents, working with over 80 people around the world running multiple seven figure businesses and sites.

The tipping point for every successful business builder online, is the application of systematized outsourcing, and you can get started with just $50 a month. It’s about time that I take you through each and every aspect of the OutsourceMethod…[/features_box_blue]


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“Very Good training!! All I can say this system is the art of Sending ONE EMAIL and Watching Cash Pour Into Your Bank Account…Almost Like Magic “

If you haven’t already figured it out, the ability to both BUILD and MONETIZE your own opt-in list is the single most valuable skill you can possess as an Internet marketer.

It sounds simple and almost trite, doesn’t it? In fact, you’ve probably heard “the money is in the list” since you first came online. But how much do you really know about building a MASSIVE opt-in list? I don’t know about you, but it seems like 99% of the products that teach on this topic are only good if you plan to go into Internet Marketing! (And I hope that’s not YOUR goal.)

This system will give you something you will never found on building email list the right way, make it stupid simple to make you money and never worry about money for the rest of your life, simply because when you get email list, you can keep it as long as you want no matter what google changes, industry changes, email list is the best marketing system out there![/features_box_blue]

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In this exclusive content, You’ll receive 20 professional, polished, ready-to-present webinars on all of the topics you need to sell the most common offline marketing services including:

  1. Think Social Media is For Kids, Not Business? Think Again! Learn the 7 Secrets to How the Smartest Main Street Businesses—Just Like Yours—Are Using Social Media to Crush the Competition!
  2. SEO Uncovered – The 7 Secrets Every Business Must Know To LEGALLY STEAL Floods of FREE Google Traffic From Your Competition
  3. Send and Receive: Email Marketing – The Shocking Truth About How Five Secret Emails Can Help Your Business Crush the Competition
  4. MOBILIZE YOUR BUSINESS! How to Reach Today’s On-the-Go Customer and Crush Your Competition!
  5. Lights, Camera, Action! YouTube Marketing – How Your Business Can Use YouTube to Steer Customers to Your Door and Dollars to Your Bank Account
  6. The 3 Secrets To Explosive Business Growth! Even When The Economy Stinks, Businesses That Know These Business-Building Secrets Are Booming!
  7. Facebook Timeline For Business – What The Timeline Changes To Facebook Pages Mean For Your Business, And What You Need To Do To Prepare!
  8. Pinterest For Business: How a Hot New Social Network Has Become a Heavy Hitting Marketing Tool for Brands (And How You Can Use It to Win New Customers)
  9. 27+ Easy Ways to Radically Improve Your Website – Learn a Set of Practical, Time-Tested, and Easy-to-Implement Tips for Improving Your Web Presence.
  10. Google+ Local – How To Turn Your Google+ Local Into a Magnet for New Customers
  11. Warning: Are Negative Online Reviews Costing You Sales? How You Can Proactively Protect Your Business From Brand-Damaging Online Chatter
  12. Text Message Revolution – Why Your Business Should Use SMS Mobile Marketing to Reach Customers and Increase Sales
  13. The Top 10 Ways to Use Video to Market our Business – Learn The Top 10 Ways to Use Video to Market Your Business and Why Every Business Should!
  14. How to STAND OUT! in the Search Results and Drive Qualified Customers to Your Website – How to Use Search Engine Optimization to Grow Your Small Business.
  15. How to Use Google+ to Find Quality Prospects in 10 Easy Steps! Learn How to Create a Google+ Presence That’s Engaging and Profitable
  16. The Top 10 Ways to Market Your Business on Facebook – Learn How to Create a Facebook Presence That’s Engaging and Profitable
  17. Twelve Steps to Growing Your Business Fast Using AdWords – Learn How You Can Grow Your Business Quickly With Adwords
  18. 7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Advertise on Facebook – Learn Why You Should Be Advertising on Facebook
  19. 12 Surefire Ways to Protect Your Reputation While Promoting Your Business! – Learn How to Protect Your Good Name in the Digital Age
  20. The Three Keys to Explosive Business Growth! – Learn the Three Most Important Strategies for Growing Any Business

But Not Just that, we give other compliment item such as

  • Prewritten script for each webinar Powerpoints – stop a headache, all you do is read!
  • Customizable Powerpoint slides – make any change you want
  • Email sequences to promote and produce live or pre-recorded webinars
We give you all of the tools, templates, and processes you need to crush it with webinars! Nearly everything is done for you. All you have to do is stand up and deliver.

“There is no easier, no simpler way to distinguish yourself from the competition and win new clients than this!”


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digi plugin rights bonus 2

We’ve created 10 highly-effective personable, compelling video reviews in some of the hottest markets that everyone don’t know about…

This video review is responsible for making me up to $ 400/month doing affiliate marketing business with just around 9 visitor/day. The video itself convert like crazy better than text review.

Very professional, attractive, and presell well each of your visitor..

Here is the unique market of the video..

  1. Eczema Free Forever : Google™ Estimates that “Eczema Free Forever” is searched 1,600 times a month.
  2. Hair Again : Google™ Estimates that “Hair Again” is searched 12,100 times a month.
  3. Heartburn No More : Google™ Estimates that “Heartburn No More” is searched 2,400 times a month.
  4. H Miracle – Nature’s Method to Curing Hemorrhoids : Google™ Estimates that “H Miracle” is searched 12,000 times a month, and “Hemorrhoid Miracle” is searched about 4,000 times a mont.
  5. Kidney Stone Removal Report : Estimates that “Kidney Stone Removal Report” is searched 590 times a month
  6. Moles, Warts, and Skin Tags Removal : Google™ Estimates that “Moles, Warts and Skin Tag Removal” is searched 720 times a month.
  7. Stop Sweating and Start Living : Google™ Estimates that “Stop Sweating & Start Living” is searched 8,100 times a month.
  8. Psoriasis Free For Life : Google™ Estimates that “Psoriasis Free For Life” is searched 1,000 times a month.
  9. Tinnitus Miracle : Google™ Estimates that “Tinnitus Miracle” is searched 9,900 times a month.
  10. Vision Without Glasses : Google™ Estimates that “Vision Without Glasses ” is searched 3,600 times a month

(Keep in mind that the base product name is just one of hundreds of easy-to-rank-for product/review-specific keywords that get actively searched by customers who are on the verge of buying – and a video like this would turn them into customers easily…)

So What Exactly Can You Do With These Videos?

  • Instantly SkyRocket Your Conversions – Even From “Next-to-Nothing” Traffic…
  • Instantly Tap 10 profitable niche markets that watch, interact with, and respond to video.
  • Instantly Give Your Review Sites an Authoritative Edge…
  • You No Longer Have to Rely So Much on “Killer” Copy & Preselling in Your Content…
  • Build Effective Review Sites Much, Much Faster – Now That the Most Crucial Part is Done For You!

And All You Need to Do is Copy/Paste Them Into a Site, Drive Even a Small Trickle of Long-Tail Traffic – And You’ll be Amazed at the Results…!!


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I’ll be honest with you, If you want to learn how to build a big list…, I can’t help you…But If You Want To Rake In MASSIVE Profits From a TINY List…Then This Case Study Will GIve You That!

This is video case study showing you How To made that $2600 overnight off a list of less than 500 people!Now THAT is a small list, ! mean, you probably have more than 500 Facebook friends. In the video I showed you as I made $1200 overnight with a single email To a TINY 440 Person List.

This is a LIVE in-depth CASE STUDY that goes, in detail, into every aspect of this highly lucrative email promotion to a tiny list! This is your chance to pull back the curtain and see behind the scenes of a massively successful email promotion!

This LIVE Case Study Includes:

  • LIVE videos that were filmed as I sent out each email so you can experience the process in REAL TIME for yourself
  • Exact copies of the 2 emails I used to pull in $3500 in commissions in 3 days
  • In-depth breakdown of each email
  • In-depth breakdown of my product selection process
  • In-depth breakdown of the dead-simple, yet INSANELY effective strategies I used to maximize my profits
  • My email promotion checklist designed to ensure I make as much money as possible


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$ 70,000/Years Article Marketing Case Studies ($ 497)

What you will learn from this is a Simple Business model but give you Huge Income. This case studies is based on of of Unknown Marketer, yes He didn’t show Himself to the IM world but He managed to make a good living online by using this simple business models. You can copy what he are doing too. It’s very simple but powerfull. a lot of peoples get caught by new system into another that will give Them nothing but endless hope.

This will inspire you and when you TAKE ACTION on this, you can really get on a top stop. He show you how he get a net profit about more than $ 70,000/years using his business model. He know to make everything simple work. This is a special bonus packages that will change your lifestyle 🙂 , of course if you implement it.[/features_box_blue]


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I have put up this offer limited only, so your chance get this massive package is now before someone else grab the opportunity. Several Reason Why You Must Buy Marketing Roadmap Through My Link..

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  • The Only Bonus Offer That Worth The Money You Spend!
  • Total Value More Than $ 5,000 Seriously!
  • My Full Support and Honest Attidute that always help you as much as I can!


[risk_free_order_box_1]OUR BONUS WORTH OVER $ 5,000![/risk_free_order_box_1]

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Please Follow Step Below To Claim Your Bonuses!


Mozilla Firefox Users:

– Go to “Tools”
– Click “Options…”
– Click On “Privacy”
– Click on “remove individual cookies”
– Click on the “Remove All Cookies” button.

Internet Explorer 6 Users:

– Go to “Tools”
– Go to “Internet Options”
– Under “General” tab and “Browsing History”, click “Delete”
– Click “Delete Files” under “Temporary Internet Files”
– Click “Ok” and then “Ok” again.

Internet Explorer 7 Users:

– Go to “Control Panel”
– Got to “Internet Options”
– Under “Browsing History”, click “Delete”
– Click “Delete Cookies” under “Delete Cookies”

Google Chrome Users:

– Click the “Tool” menu
– Click on “Options” and then “Under the Hood”
– Click on “Content settings” in the “Privacy” section
– On the “Cookies” tab, click “Show cookies and other site data”.
– Click “Remove all”

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Forward your receipt with subject “bonus claim for marketing roadmap” to bonus (at)


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